Carlos ETB Monteiro

Carlos ETB Monteiro is an independent researcher and scientist from Brazil. He is president of Infarct Combat Project (link), Fellow from the American Institute of Stress (link) and Honorary Board Member from the Weston A Price Organization. (link)
Recently he has published the article “Looking for the Cause and Cure of Diseases -- Possible Mechanisms Underlying the Relationship of Stress to Disease”. Published by American Institute of Stress at Contentment Magazine: Spring 2021 (link)
Book by Carlos ETB Monteiro:
• Acidity Theory of Atherosclerosis: New Evidences, 2012 (
Books (contributing author) by Carlos ETB Monteiro:
• Fat and Cholesterol Don’t Cause Heart Attacks and Statins are Not the Solution, 2016. Chapter 10: Stress as Cause of Atherosclerosis: The acidity Theory (
• Lipid Lunacy. Diet delusions and what really causes heart disease, 2020. Articles: 1) Does Inflammation Cause Coronary Atherosclerosis? And 2) Lactic Acidosis as a Causal Factor for Arterial Calcification (
Speeches at Medical Congresses:
• Presentations about the Myogenic theory of myocardial infarction (link) and on the Acidity theory of atherosclerosis (link) at the Fourth International Conference of Advanced Cardiac Sciences - The King of Organs Conference, 2012, Saudi Arabia.
• Presentations about the themes “Does lactic acidosis causes coronary artery calcification? and “Inflammation does not cause atherosclerosis” at the Fifth International Congress of Advanced Cardiac Sciences - The King of Organs Conference, 2019, Saudi Arabia.